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July 10, 2012


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I was a mentor to Jeffrey Jeune for over a year. "JJ" spent a lot of time with me and my family. Jeffrey was always respectful of me and my family and we enjoyed our time with him. We took Jeff to several local Basketball games at our local high school and a local college, in the Randolph, NY area. We live in a very rural area and have never been to NYC, so we enjoyed hearing Jeffrey talk about all the excitement, hustle and bustle in the city and how his face would light up when he would talk about "HOME" and all the awesome street b ball games and sights to see. I believe that Jeff enjoyed his visit in the "country" but he truly loved the city. I so wish, Jeff would have stayed in our area for school and played ball for a local college. Jeffrey was a good athlete.
When Jeff was "up to no good" or being a bit out of control... I would call him loudly "Jeffrey Jeune!!!" and he would turn quick and give me his grin... I still have Jeffrey's picture on my computer at work and have thought about him often... My thoughts and prayers go out to his Mother and his family and friends in NYC.. The Kickbush Family

Thank you, Vicki, for a poignant recollection that gives a fuller picture of a young man whose only reported attributes in the press were his legal troubles, and a glimpse into what might have been his potential in a different milieu. I am sorry that the city he loved was, literally, a dead end for him as it has been for so many others. And I am glad to know his memory lives on fondly with you, so far from Brooklyn.

Jeffrey was a participant the an after-school program I ran about a decade ago. He was only 6 or 7 at the time. I remember him well as a kid with a lot of energy and a a great smile. I remember his mom as well. When I saw that a young person from Flatbush had been killed I was interested because I still work in the neighborhood and worried about who it might be. A photo in one of the papers confirmed it was Jeffrey. It is only the second week of July but I feeli like this has been a very difficult summer thus far. A number of young people have been shot or killed. Summer camps are at capacity yet there are so many children without a place to go, to be safe, to engage in activities that are enriching.

I also worked with Jeff when he was in Randolph. I used to try and help him to get all his energy out, and if you knew Jeff, you know that that was not an easy thing to do! I loved watching him play basketball and football and always felt that he had great talent. One day, Jeff gave me a picture of himself that another staff had sketched of him. I tried to tell him to send it to his mother, but he insisted on me having it. I would love to send it to her as my heart goes out to her. I can't imagine loosing a son, especially in such a horrific way. If anyone knows her address, please let me know. If you don't want to post it, you can call me at 716-257-5194. Thanks. Rest in peace Jeffrey.

jeffery was one of my favorite residents while he in randolph... i spent alot of time with him... always happy always putting a smle on others faces... un fortunately i spoke to him him just last week about a former resident that he was close with had passed away (killed).... i heard the sadness in his voice because he never got to say good bye to his friend, i told jeffery that he needs to follow his dreams because you never know if tomorrow would ever come... his dream was to play in the NBA, he was a fantastic basketball player who probably could of made it. i did not know that was going to be the last conversation with him, im so glad that even after a couple of years since he was with me, he still reached out to me, he once said 'Miss , your not just staff to me your my family"... and i feel the loss.... my heart goes out to his mother, and to all that loved and knew him... the world has truely lost another young man who did not deserve this.. Rest in Peace Jeffery, i will truely miss you...

I didnt really no Jeffery too well but did go to school with him in Randolph... He was always bouncing with energy and you could tell he was full of life.. Like I said I we really never spoke as I was the quite one who stayed to myself but it still broke my heart to hear someone so young ( younger than me ) had lost his life not far from where I live... I honestly called my mom crying because I had saw the article a few days ago but didn't think anything of it.. My Heart goes out to his family and friends who where close to him!! If there is a memorial out in Prospect Park please let me no as I would love to put down flowers as a sign of my gratitude... If anyone else would like me to put something down as well please email me at beachgyrl0620@aol.com... Rest Well Jeffery You Will Be Missed!

all of you said such beautiful things about a young man whose life was cut short to soon, we must remember him in this positive light for he was one of god's children and well loved by many!!!!

Thank you so much for writing this excellent bit. I didn't know him past "hi". He was just a nice kid around the neighborhood to me and my boyfriend. I suspected he was as vibrant as these posts indicated. I am furious at the lack of media coverage and bias in the articles(short and offensive) I have seen thus far. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Rest in Peace Jeffrey. You deserve to exist in the light in all your you-ness grinning your grin. You did not deserve this. You are missed. Safe passage and more.


Summer and Philip

jeffy, was an incredible person...as everyone who knew him said above, he was one hell of a ball of energy! he had the biggest heart that i've ever seen though...i can't believe he's really gone :( it's been a hard couple of months not hearing from him...i know i'll see him again someday...i love you jeffy <3 love, kymmie

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