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August 26, 2010


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I've enjoyed reading your great Prospect Park posts over the last year, but I'm afraid this one has lead me to unsubscribe.
London and New York are both global cities built on the strength of many nationalities and ethnicities, and British and American Muslims are integral components of both, with every right to enjoy public parks that they support as taxpayers and citizens. It makes me sad that your vision of what makes a great city is so exclusive.


I am sorry to lose you. I believe the take-away from my post, if you read it with even a moment's care, is that our visions of what make a city great must evolve, sometimes painfully and imperfectly. My post dealt honestly with my not-pretty response to encountering a changing and more Islamic London and what might underlie it--the kind of "conversation on race" that our much-maligned President dared us to initiate, and an especially vital one here (in New York) and now. I regret you will not stay around to continue it in mutual respect.

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