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July 22, 2010


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I've been getting trashed by a lot of people because I've defended the need for this action. The animal rights excess has spread everywhere. And the media is feeding it.

People are losing sight of the fact that the natural cycles are being disrupted, and that the proliferation of the geese are causing the loss in numbers of other species.

While I find your mean-spirited attitude regrettable, I'm glad to see that geese are returning. I suspect that the numbers of geese will rebound quite rapidly, demonstrating the stupidity of what USDA did.

You totally lost me once you referred to yourself as a "pro-life" activist. You actually lose credibility, you know, when you feel the need to mention this in a post about geese.

Oh, BTW, these geese were not of the kind to migrate for the winter, thus, they would not be the culprits of any airline fiasco.

Anyone with a meaningful pro-life position [as opposed to the common use of the term, as hijacked by the religious right] would be appalled by the USDA's useless act of gratuitous cruelty.

Which is not to say that I don't agree that the use of the term "holocaust" is over the top here.

Lisanne, how is killing a bunch of animals in any way part of the 'natural cycles' being set right again? by defending it you're just letting yourself off the hook psychologically; it's okay, we all feel overwhelmed by this and other crises sometimes, but it's not okay to accept the status quo just because it's the path of least resistance.

Right on.. equating killing these birds with the holocaust is insane. And why do people suddenly care so much about these geese? They go find out how their chicken nuggets are made.
Also, I don't care if you are pro-life or not... I disagree, but I respect other's right to their opinion. Many so-called liberals are actually quite intolerant of views they don't like..

Jimmy Legs, Canada geese are an invasive species. This means they were imported, originally from the midwest. They have adopted too well to the ecosystem we've maintained for them, and in the process crowded out native species, thus shrinking bio-diversity. There's some evidence that, with their longer necks, they undermine marsh habitat as well because they can get to the tender roots and nip them in the rooting. There is such a thing at too many of a species now that we've gotten rid of big predators; we see it in deer and raccoons, which are devastating to other species. That's what Lisanne is getting at. Your psycho-babbling about her motives aren't worth commenting about, because there are plenty of people who don't think the killing of the geese is a particularly big deal. It wasn't a very effect strategy, that's for sure, and within a short time the ecosystem will be filled to overflowing with them again, to the detriment of the dozens of other species that could be using the lake in greater numbers than they do now. The people that feed them junk food, in their deluded connection to the wild, will see to that.

From Used to Live on PPW:

Canada geese are not endangered, they are not indigenous, and they do not enhance the well being of the urban and suburban areas where they have adapted so well. They produce prodigious amounts of s**t that fouls parks, playgrounds, beaches and water. It makes as much sense to get sentimental about them as it does to get sentimental about the rats you see on the subway tracks.

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