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March 05, 2010


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Thank you for sharing. A great 9 minutes.

My family and I are SO lucky to live across the street from the magical Prospect Park. But every time my daughters and I build a snowman, it gets knocked down pretty quickly. I'm a tv producer and filmmaker (www.gatomedia.com)-- so for fun, I decided to set up a camera in my front window and let it roll. I edited the piece down from about 9hrs of dv tape. My favorite part is probably the burly dad who takes pity and rebuilds the snowman's face and then walks away embarrassed-- hoping no one saw him.
haha people are fascinating!!

Wow. Creation. Destruction. Creation. Destruction. And around and around it goes.

Gah. What is it with boys having to DESTROY things? Were any of the destructive ones girls? And I like that the boys destroy and the girls they are with are saying 'hey, that's not right' and trying to restore the thing.

I despair for our species. Too many destroyers, not enough restorers/builders.

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