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September 30, 2008


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Holy fool or holy lunatic, it's often hard to tell. These people have some wonderful handmade walking sticks, btw. http://www.whistlecreek.com/classerwalst.html

They should really rebuild some sort of look-out tower in the center of that place. You have to wait until winter and the leaves have fallen to really take in the surrounding view. Don't you think this is one of the most run down sections of the Park? Lots of dead and dying trees... paths that are mostly mud... I always feel like I need more than a stick when I go up there.

Thew, those are rocking walking sticks, although I love "found" ones as well. As for Lookout Hill, IMBY, they are doing a huge amount of work on clearing out the understory of invasive species, and the "lost" quality of the place probably helps it attract migrating birds (along with other, more menacing species). I'm sure today, if they rebuilt the viewing tower, it would require 24-hour guards to address liability issues etc...I too was shocked by the view in winter when the leaves are off the trees. As with other struggling parts of the park (like the Vale of Cashmere), the best advocacy is to go there and get your friends to go there; neglect and desertion are such a vicious cycle.

I do love visiting the park with you, and look forward to fall's show of glory before the snows..

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