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July 13, 2008


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I just came from the NYT. I love Prospect Park, this site is great!

I saw the article in the NY Times and thought I'd visit. I grew up on Hawthorne St. between Nostrand and Rogers and spent a lot of time in the Park. I remember the good like going to the library, and the bad, like having my brand new bicycle stolen. I remember moving from there to the Marine Park area on Nostrand Avenue but coming back to Prospect Park to go horseback riding and to have a picnic with friends or just to go to the zoo or carousel. Thanks for keeping its spirit alive!

I'd never actually heard of the New York Times until Brenda mentioned it in this post. What a cute little newsletter, and thank God Bill Kristol finally has a outlet for expressing his opinions.

Congrats! Meanwhile, the link you provided to the NYT piece is broken; anyone looking for it can click here (I tried to abbreviate the hyperlink to no avail):


RB, you're the best--and I fixed the link. It is a fine little paper, isn't it?

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