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May 20, 2008


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Uhh, I hate to burst your bubble but 7 hours to cover 65 miles is an average pace of 9.3mph. That's not too shabby for a recreational "stop and smell the roses" rider!

That means you can cover 100 miles in about 11 hours (not counting rest stops)... so how about we think in terms of "The Ride to Montauk" on June 21. It's the same route. The first 35 miles aren't especially challenging.

A bunch of us will be riding it, so you'll be in great company.

- Coach Matt

Congratulations! You did great. Hooray!

Nice work there, Prospecter.

While searching for historic pictures under Prospect Park we found your diary & enjoyed it very much especially about the Model Yachts, we had no dea of their size. Far from being elderly Ralph Richardson in late 1880 & 1890s my husband's distant cousin was winning with Star & Comet(Brooklyn Eagle), he was under fifty years & had just retired from the Prospect park Harriers. I am writing a story of this distant branch of the Pigotts, from remote soth-west Western Australia. George & brother Charles spent some years in the two Brooklyn Asylums as Boarders.
Thanks again,

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