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March 03, 2008


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Funny you should mention birders. I came across this in my blog travels today, and thought of you:

I wonder how the current lists of some of our ace birders compare with this 1910 New York Times list. The real corker is at the end of the article: the discovery of a "novelty"--the European starling! Little did the German know just how much he should weep over seeing one. Figures some guy from Staten Island was responsible for letting them loose on us! Thanks for a great archive discovery!

When I first moved to park Slope, the Vale was one of my favorite places to ride my bike, site, and write in my journal. Not only birds, but turtles and frogs find their way there. I've written several poems about the Park there. It's an inspiration.

By bike, it's much easier to access from the lower part of THE HILL on the drive there. Just past the Zoo, over the little bridge, on the right is the Dongan Oak marker. The path that rises from the road to the left of the marker will take you to the Vale. If you reach the Battle Pass marker, you've gone too far.

You can also double back and ride up out of the Vale to the entrance where you saw it, bypassing that segment of the East Drive.

And the Park has long been a site of many violent hate crimes over the years. Only a fraction come to the attention of the general public.

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